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Micropiles are small diameter foundation elements – typically less than 300mm and up to 30m deep, capable of supporting design loads in excess of 20 tons. They can be used as a foundation system for a variety of new structures, as well as, for the rehabilitation of existing ones.

Micropiles are installed by methods that cause minimal disturbance to adjacent structures and the environment. Techniques include support by casing or drilling fluids or even jacking and screwing technologies which they are selected based on soil type, length, and other criteria. Their versatility is also due to the fact that they can be installed in any type of soil from very soft materials to bedrock.

Vertical and inclined micropiles can also be installed in order to rehabilitate existing structures when load conditions or performance requirements change. As such they can support new additional loads, underpin structures during adjacent new excavations, counteract uplift forces, stabilize slopes and for seismic retrofit. They are also an appropriate solution at sites with limited access.


  • Ensure minimum vibration and damage to existing foundations;
  • Ideal for confined working space;
  • Allow Owner’s operations to be maintained during construction;
  • A variety of techniques are available to fit different job requirements.


GT GROUND ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION SERVICES has major experience in the construction of micropiles for various complex sites and soil conditions. Examples include extension of factories with height limitation, rehabilitation of railways, bridge retrofit, foundations repairs, and other. Please contact us for more details.