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Dynamic Compaction

Dynamic compaction (DC) is one of the more versatile and economic ground improvement techniques. DC is used to increase bearing capacity and decrease settlement and liquefaction potential for planned structures.

This technique consists in the transmission of high energy waves in order to improve weak or non-homogeneous ground and can be applied to a variety of sites including motorways, industrial, landfills, warehouses and other. The pounder, ranging in weight between 10 to 25 tons, is lifted by a special crane and repeatedly allowed to free fall on the ground surface, transmitting high energy shocks to the subsoil. The drop locations are typically placedon a grid pattern, the spacing of which is determined by the subsurface conditions and depth of improvement. The method consists of two or more high energy compaction stages where deep layers are compacted. After completion of the high energy stages, a low-energy phase (ironing) is generally performed to densify the crater backfill and the disturbed soil between the craters. While the concept is simple, experienced engineers and good planning are essential including a thorough understanding of the soil strata prior to treatment, and maintaining an excellent quality control program during all phases of the work. Typically this includes insitu testing by SPT or CPT, measurements of print volume, enforced settlement and other.


  • Cost competitive;
  • High productivity;
  • Friendly to the environment;
  • Can be adjusted to various soil conditions.


We have been involved in the last years with over 400.000 square meters of DC for improving difficult, collapsible deposits to depths of 6 to 8 meters. Our clients, among the biggest general contractors in Europe, entrust us to provide engineered solutions to obtain measurable results. The projects have been delivered successfully with settlements which are within the design limits. Please ask us for a technical and economic offer for your project.