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Design-Build Projects

Design-build projects are widely used around the world. As the name implies, in a design-build project both activities undergo simultaneous actions and are implemented throughout the duration of the project. Design-Build is preferred over the traditional system of Design-Bid-Build when there are opportunities to save time by having construction begin before the final design has been completed. The Design-Bid-Build contracting method is based on the assumption that the owner can have the design plans before bidding out the construction on a project to the lowest bidder. However, many projects; for example, specialty projects, could be more cost-effective if they could be implemented faster, thus the evolution of Design-Build.

Our company is a specialty firm; thus, frequently involved in Design-Build contracts. Within our specialty, projects that favor the use of this contracting method include foundation repairs, retrofitting and ground improvement projects. Our firm assumes full responsibility for all phases of the project starting from soil investigation to final handing over of the foundations. Throughout the duration of the project our team works closely to ensure that technical requirements are met and that the clients’ requirements related to schedule and budget are correctly implemented.

Our specialists have substantial hands-on experience with Design-Build projects. Recent projects include a wind farm of 15 converters 3MW each for OMV PETROM/STRABAG, the foundations of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant next to the Danube, spreading over 30.000 square meters of compressible soil for JV PASSAVANT ROEDIGER/SISTEM YAPI, 400.000 square meters of high energy dynamic compaction for JV FCC/ASTALDI and JV ASTALDI/MAX BOGL, and 80.000 square meters of dynamic replacement for STRABAG, emergency intervention and foundation repairs with compaction grouting for a 30.000 square meter commercial structure for FREYROM (FREYSSINET GRANDS PROJETS), emergency interventions with injections and piles for JV ASTALDI / FCC CONSTRUCCION / DELTA ACM 93 / AB CONSTRUCT.

Our involvement in Design-Build projects starts with a project-specific geotechnical investigation conducted by a drilling subcontractor under our guidance. Ground improvement options are then developed based on the findings of the geotechnical investigations. Finally, the team of our in-house engineers and collaborators select the most efficient options that best fit the project's technical requirements, project schedule and economy. Depending on the complexity of the project, we might hire international design firms for the design, which by law should comply with all local building code requirements. In addition, we recruit the services of technical experts including university professors to ensure that all project performance requirements are met.

In conclusion, our company has experience with Design-Build projects and we often employ this contracting method as a means to save time and money for our clients and therefore help them capitalize on their investment sooner.