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Rigid Inclusions

Rigid Inclusions (RI) is a more recent ground improvement technique. It is considered a major advancement in the ground improvement industry and consists of constructing inclusions (by full displacement) that are topped by a load transfer platform. The soil is reinforced and the load is transferred to stiffer foundation ground, while there is also some improvement around the inclusions due to full displacement.

The inclusions are constructed by drilling with a special full displacement tool or by vibrating a closed ended pipe. Concreting is carried out with a concrete pump, injecting concrete through the special tool or pipe from the bottom up. Typical diameters are between 300 to 600mm while lengths can reach 25m with a powerful drilling rig.

This technique can be applied to almost any type of structure and any size of plot and has many advantages over the classic bored piles.


  • No vibrations are produced;
  • High production;
  • No spoils – ideal for polluted sites;
  • Full quality control during construction by special computer in the drilling machine.


GT GROUND ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION SERVICES has applied this technique on a variety of design & build projects such as warehouses, waste water treatment plants, motorways, wind farms, residential buildings and other. Our involvement with over 300.000 linear meters of rigid inclusions in the last years has provided us with a very strong background in the application of this method. Please ask us to provide you with a tailored proposal for your project.