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Dynamic Replacement

Dynamic Replacement (DR) is an adjustment to the Dynamic Compaction technique when soils are highly compressible, the ground water table is high, etc. Adjustments include the use of select granular material in order to deliver the compaction energy in depth, at the same time avoiding plastic deformations and allowing pore pressure dissipation.

DR is applied for reducing the total and differential settlements and for improving the mechanical and engineering properties of soils or uncontrolled fills or to increase their bearing capacity in greater depths.

DR can be applied in various difficult sites, including for the construction of deposits, supermarkets, industrial, waterfront, etc., and is competitive compared to traditional solutions with big diameter piles, ground replacement, etc.


  • Suitable for organic soils including peat;
  • The drainage of soil is improved;
  • Increases the bearing capacity of soft and fine soils;
  • Reduces post-construction settlements.


Our personnel has recently applied this method for the construction of a motorway over a swampy area. Craters of 2 meters in diameter where formed and filled with quarry stone and then compacted according to the project requirements. Compaction was effected by a heavy duty crane with a special automated system that controls in real time the compaction parameters (drop height, number of drops, etc.) at each compaction point. Please ask us for an evaluation for your project.