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Rehabilitation of Structures

The purpose of any rehabilitation project is to extend the service life of an existing structure. This is achieved with the application of techniques that aim to repair and rehabilitate an aging or damaged structure and control future deterioration.

Most rehabilitation projects have both structural and geotechnical components. Structural rehabilitation focuses on retrofitting or strengthening of the structural elements and connections while geotechnical rehabilitation focuses on strengthening of the soil-structure system. This is achieved with the application of specialized techniques and new technologies such as underpinning, compaction grouting, shotcrete and micropiles. The selection of the appropriate technique or technology for each project is decided following a thorough structural and geotechnical exploration and testing conducted by members of our staff.

Our firm is at the forefront of these new technologies by virtue of collaboration with universities and professional trade organizations. We are dedicated to serve the rehabilitation needs of our clients. Please ask us for a list of completed rehabilitation projects.